An "M DOT" is a nick name for a crazy, tough, risk taking person. It's a way to describe someone in a fierce and violent way.
Yo, that dude right there is M Dot, you don't wanna get it poppin with him ...
by D MARVEL0USS July 18, 2008
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A m dot is the conscious placement of DNA'd aura on the DNA of another person's body, to protect, direct and inform, it must be age appropriate and consensual on the part of all parties involved.
Is that a m dot or a parasite?
My m dot from a friend told me the answer.
by tbdeity April 26, 2014
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M- dot tattoo is a tattoo competitors choose to get if they want, after they have completed an iron man triathlon in Hawaii. if you get it before you complete the 1500 entry race your a poser
after i completed the iron man i got this sick M- dot tattoo iron man logo
by uriospaniard November 6, 2010
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