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Münster is a beautiful city in Germany which got elected as the most livable city in the world in its population size.
That's Münster!
by vandemony July 01, 2010
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A nose-swab-fetish developed from this, because we, as humans, ruin everything.
Oh fuck yeah, swab my nussy

Sir, please, I went to medical school

by Pogoextreme December 25, 2020
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A stuck up town of 24,000 that is 35 minutes southeast of Chicago, but in The Region...The town is known for having the best schools and richest people in the area and very good sports. They are also known for having an overabundance of old people who retire here and then hoard their money, keeping Munster the richest town in the area. Park West is the richest subdivision in town. As towns to the north decline, Munster is improving. They do this by tearing down old small homes and duplexes and building large lavish homes to drive up the real estate prices to keep out as many poor people, Mexicans, and African-Americans as they can. Jews and Asians are the only minorities welcome because they contribute to about 90% of the doctor's and smart kids in town which is why seeing a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, or Range Rover are normal sights in Munster, but foreign sights in other towns. The town is also known for being technologically advanced which is why all of the students use laptop's/iPads instead of textbooks. The town is also known for literally being able to turn one man's trash into another's treasure. The former landfill on the south end of town has been turned into a state of the art Park, Centennial Park, with a clubhouse, golf course, driving range, lakes, and botanical gardens. This is a nice touch as it s right across the street from an assisted living center and hospice where the old die.

All in all, this town has "old, rich, White guys" written all over it.
Glenn: Hey, Betty, how about we move to Munster, Indiana!

Betty: Sure! Cal City is getting too young and Black and the median age in Munster is 76! Golly, let's go now!


金: I am so glad we moved to Munster. They are having an asian invasion. We fit right in!

金: I am too but we don't fit in quite yet. We need to buy a 2025 Lexus. All the Munster asians have it and it hasn't even come out yet! And we have to move to Twin Creek too. That's where they all live.
by MunsterIsTheBest October 22, 2011
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Munster /ˈmʌnstər/ muhn-ster – noun

Also see: opposite of modest, national shames and incest.

Provincial backwater located in the South West of Ireland. Home of gangland violence in Limerick, the Blarney Stone in Cork, the Rock of Cashel in Tipperary, highest level of teen pregnancy again in Limerick and for having the only Amateur body that repeatedly engages in industrial action (Cork hurlers).

Most famous for their professional rugby team who engage in an archaic & tedious playing style likened to glorified crawling which somehow has seen them victorious in two Heineken Cup finals. Boast both the largest traveling support and yet the worst home support in European rugby made up predominantly of people actually from rural Leinster. Munster supporters are known to profess passionate working class routes and a great attachment to their team despite actually having attended private schools and failing to have followed rugby for more then 5 years, they now claim Athenry is Munster and that a bonus point loss away in France should be hailed as a national celebration.

Once beat a weakened All Black's midweek team and have spent the subsequent 30 years reminding the world of that fact. Their continuing repeating of this fact makes England and their mentioning of the World Cup in 66 seem like a father talking about how his 7 year old won the south county under 7 mixed B GAA league after the other team failed to show due to an outbreak of chickenpox.
Munster Fan (from Kilkenny): Munsther are loike the biggest liginds ever to play the game, the pashun is unbelievable loike!

Anyone else: Excuse me? Who are you and what language are you speaking?
by Paulie O'Connell February 18, 2009
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a mix of Budweiser, vodka & monster energy guaranteed to get you fucked up! Tastes great too.
dude pass the munster
by G'shit September 15, 2010
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munster has the best rugby team in the whole of europe its offical they won the heineken cup, players like donnacha o callaghan, ronan o gara, peter stinger, the bull and paul o connell make up the team. Sponsored by toyata and declan kidney is the coach, biggest bunch of legends.Home ground is thomand and musgrave can beat that bunch of pash d4 leinster tools ny day. have a good bunch of players comin through the ranks like mike and kieran essex,billy holland and darragh hurley all cbc lads of course.
munster were unreal today
by Karen , Ireland May 27, 2006
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The cutest kitty in all of the land. Also very fat. NOT LIKE THE CHEESE.
Did you see that cat on campus? Such a Munster!
by Munsterismyfav October 09, 2017
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