M badging, “ embadging “ British English circ 1985-
The act of placing an automotive badge on a vehicle that isn’t entitled to wear that badge. Due to,

not being that model,

never being available with the badges from new,

Not even the correct manufacturer badging.
Because the owner is a bit sad.
“ ah bruv, check out my 2002 bmw 325i wiv an M3 badge on the back! It make it a rear M3 fam. And an extra 25bhp too!”

“Look over there Jeremiah, a 320i with no less than 27 M badges”

“Crikey Lady Penelope, I didn’t know Vauxhall made an XR RS turbo 16v with a supercharger”

“ No Jeeves, One is not into all that rubbish M badging, bol*o^ks, I won’t place an embadge on the Bentley, it’s sad. “
by ace3bmw October 21, 2022
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