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The fear of superglue, often expressed by the manipulation of facial muscles to convey a mixture of disgust and genuine fear; usually whilst participating in a group activity where angry bird models are made.
*super gluing feathers to a model angry bird*

*High pitched scream is heard*

Person 1: Oh my gosh, what was that?

Person 2: That's the sound of Lyttleitis

Person 1: Lyttleitis?

Person 2: Yes, Lyttleitis.
Person 1: What's Lyttleitis?

Person 2: What you just heard.

Person 1: What did I just hear?

Person 2: The fear of superglue contained in a scream.

Person 1: The fear of superglue?

Person 2: Yes; Lyttleitis.

Person 1: That's a bit naff.

Person 2: Don't be so Lyttleitisist.
by TheBuffaloKing July 16, 2012
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