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LyricBoy is literally the most bestest person on the planet and my faVoRite hehe :)) he's my bestest friend and vErY wHolesOme
Anthony Brassell is my LyricBoy and im his LyricGirl :)
by wHolEsOme eMiLyYy January 28, 2019
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An amazing guy who isnt afraid to take risks. He cares for anyone close to him and doesnt take shit from No one. He treats a girl right and knows how to make her smile. He is handsome, talented, well liked, and attracts all kinds of girls. He is a loyal guy who only wants to find the girl of his dreams and keep her for the rest of his life to make her happy and loved and Cherished.
Ex: Girl- "Oh that Lyric (boy) is so handsome and amazing!"
Girlfriend- "Yes but he is MINE! I'll love him forever."
Lyric C.
by Eevee Rose May 16, 2018
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Lyrics are TOTAL jerks. They ignore their friends for no reason and are never serious about anything. They laugh at everyone's misfortune and judge books by their cover (figuratively and literally). They are incredibly stupid and don't realize when he's gone to far with a joke or when the people around him are trying to be serious.
Person 1: Why does that kid have to be such a jerk! He laughs every time I make a mistake :(
Person 2: I know right? He's totally a Lyric, for sure.
Lyric (boy)
by ScarMcall06 June 13, 2018
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