A Small City / Large Town in Southwestern Virginia. It can be said this is the region that time forgot. Very little changes here and not a recommended area to live if you have some vivaciousness and spunk in you.

Unfortunately Lynchburg's most notable resident is the late Jerry Falwell and his founded institution of biased higher learning, Liberty University, an evangelical college.

Social Progressiveness will always take a back seat to narrow mindedness in Lynchburg so be wary.

And has it been covered there is nothing to do here?? Yes? Ok, good.
Mr. T and Me are strolling down a street in Lynchburg, Virginia one afternoon, trying to find something to do. A woman comes walking down the street.

ME: Excuse me miss, but what is there to do in Lynchburg?

WOMAN: Well, unfortunately not much out of the same ol same ol.

ME: So living here is pretty much a drag then, huh?

WOMAN: But Lynchburg is a great place to raise a family!!

Mr. T starts blowing fire out of his ears, rips his shirt off with his expanding muscles, and runs on top a car and squashes it.

WOMAN: Did I say something wrong?

MR. T: I pitty the fool that say that one more time!! One more time!!
by lltj September 26, 2009