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Lynauna is the name of the best friend you would ever have. She is beautiful, (even if she doesn't think so herself) and has the best sense of humor ever. If you feel bad, she's there to make you feel way better. She has your back, as long as you have hers too.

A Lynauna has usually been through a lot in her life, and if you treat her right, you will have the best friend for life.
If you get it date her, you will be the luckiest and the happiest, unless you break her heart.
Boy#1: "Who is that? She's pretty cute,"
Boy#2: "thats Lynauna. Isn't she gorgeous?"

Boy #1: "yeah she is. Wish me luck!"
Boy#2: "wait, where are you going?"
Boy#1: "to go make Lynauna mine!"
by LoveMeNot182 December 22, 2017
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