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A lunchbox friend is someone you only talk to at school and never hang out anywhere else.
They usually talk about gossip and people who they want to fuck and talk behind your back.

They’re fake and probably only hang out with you for clout or just because you pose a threat towards them.
“I don’t want no lunchbox friends no oh” ~ Melanie Martinez
by BamBamfordinner September 06, 2019
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1. A person you are only friends with at school, or barley hang out with outside of school.

2. Can also be a fake friend that doesnt want to hangout with you.
Jamie is such a lunchbox friend. We never hang out outside of class.
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by Reallifesucks June 26, 2019
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A Melanie Martinez song signifying friends who stay besties with you for either gossip, bullshit or random ass stuff that doesn’t mean they’re a true friend.
I don’t want no lunch box friends...nooo.
by Huge Melanie Martinez fan October 29, 2019
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