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It is a moderated archive dedicated to quality Anime, Manga, TV Show, Movies, Cartoons, Comics, and Gaming FanFiction. All the stories in this archive have been screened for spelling and grammar. The authors that post their stories don't need to be perfect, but the site does recognize the importance of good writing. All authors featured on these pages are talented and gifted writers, each with their own unique style and genre. Also, in addition to fanfiction they also welcome authors of original prose and poetry.

The moderators are responsible for checking and approving stories and chapters, and for validating authors. It's unlike those fanfic sites (i.e., quizilla) that contain absolutely horrible stories with terrible spelling, format and grammar. It's also easy to request new categories and characters to be added. All you need to do is to visit the forum.

The mods are all polite, helpful, and quick to answer any questions you have. They actually commuicate with the users of the site unlike where they don't do anything, take forever to reply, or don't talk to you when you ask them about things or problems that happen.
Author: "You should got to Lunaescence."

Author 2: "Lunaescence? What's that?"

Author: "It's Lunaescence Archives, a fanfiction site. It's a whole lot better then Quizilla and I recommend you to check it out. They actually care about the users and listen to their thoughts and help them out when they are stuck or have a problem. Plus, the stories are really good because they check for grammar and spelling. So you don't have to worry about stories that are garbage and look like they were written by 8 year olds."
by DeathJam April 30, 2011
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