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Someone who fights anonymous people on after being verbally demolished to the point where responding will only end in constant bullying. being notorious for being a horrible site where kids get smashed by words every minute, A Luke Mitri would be like a John Rambo to all the battered and bruised users of Like a John Rambo, he's tough but not smart usually replying with negative comments such as "Fag" or "Fatass" only provoking responses of many because he lashed out against a person for asking a question.
"I was browsing on when I stumbled upon a page, a flame war was in mid sequence and in the middle was a Luke Mitri."

Guy1: Yo look at this guys Page
Guy2: What about it?
Guy1: Guy is pulling a Luke Mitri!
Guy2: So? He is getting demolished by all theses anons.
by My name is what? November 04, 2013
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A person who wants to fight you then backs out. Or an can be used to describe an terrible DJ or rapper still recording in their parents basement.
Guy1: Yo what the fuck is your beef fag.
Guy2: Fight me!
Guy1: Ok...
Guy2: Just jokes bro!
Guy1: Fucking Luke Mitri

Guy1: Like my freestyle?
Guy2: No you took it from 8mile, fucking Luke Mitri.
by My name is what? June 10, 2013
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One of the best kinds of people in the world. A Luke Mitri would be like a gentleman, always pushing away girls. Saying "I'm sorry that I pushed you away girl, but I always wanted you to come back girl." In general a ladies man, in spare time Luke Mitri is a very talented musician like John Lenon or Chairman Mao. He is a skilled fighter and boxing champion at the schomberg fair. Getting good grades in applied a role model to the whole student body. People want to be him, though Luke Mitri can be used as slang to the person who killed Biggie Luke usually carries a 50 cal. Berreta around getting bitches.
"I saw Luke Mitri today and jizzed buckets as DJ BLITZZZZ walked in after a scrap with edward."

Guy1: WOW you hear Luke Mitri's Music!
Guy2: Man it is BARF.
Guy3: I would if I could.
Guy1: MAN I wish I had what he had. I'm so underprivileged.
by My name is what? November 04, 2013
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