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Luffegås, the former term for pingvin (penguin) in danish. In the 1930's a horrible mistake was made, and the word luffegås was exchanged with the english "penguin" (pingvin in danish). Today people of Denmark frequently use pingvin as the indicator for the Anartican, aquatic, flightless bird. Not knowing of the awesomeness of the original term Luffegås.

Directly translated: Flippergoose
Luffe = Flipper. Gås = Goose

How to pronunce the letter "å":

sounds like au in caught
sounds like o in old
The luffegås originates from Anartica.

Dressed up to party like a luffegås.

Eat luffegås shit and die.
by Lasse Khavanah July 31, 2010
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