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Lubber Dubber - The etymology of the word derives from the Ancient Scythian demon goddess of stupidity called "Jeanne". In antiquity, "Jeanne" would seduce Scythian tribesmen into the Northern woods, and unleash her powers of "ugly inbred fatass" on them while chanting "Lubber Dubber" which would immediately stupidify their minds. Once the demon goddess Jeanne chanted "Lubber Dubber" on her unsuspecting victims, their ability to think, reason, do science, use logic, was vanquished, and a state of what would be commonly known today as mental retardation. Thus "Lubber Dubber" is a commonly used term that is often interpreted as "I don't use my brain", or "I am a mindless stupid monkey", although those who use the "Lubber Dubber" motif, ought not insult monkeys , as the chimps levels of intelligence, are clearly much higher.
Who is considered the father of the modern scientific method?

"I don't know nuthin about that stuff, LUBBER DUBBER".

Ok, it is considered to be Sir Francis Bacon, but observable scientific practice goes back to Aristotle, and Science in the West, is thought to have generally been derived alongside many conjecture based natural philosophies, from such figures as Thales of Miletus, or Heraclitus of Ephesus, etc. . .

Who is your favorite character in Human History?

"Edward". You mean King Edward??? No, silly Goat Poop Eating Edward, LUBBER DUBBER!!!"
by The Philosopher July 09, 2014
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