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LuŠtěLa is a young Czech karaoke group, consisting of Vanessa (replaced Lucka, an original member of the group). Štěpánka and Larisa. As for early 2010, Vanessa and Štěpánka are 13 years old and Larisa is 15. The name LuŠtěLa is an abbreviation of the original members' names.

Despite their poor vocal skills, a proffesional diector Marek Ptáček recorded a clip for their song Patnáctiny, a remake of Code Red's Kanikuly (Russian: Каникулы) which was put on YouTube. Within tho weeks, the clip has been watched about 200 000 times.

Their forthcoming performance in club Matrix in Prague was sold out. However, vast majority of the attendants were there solely to make fun of the girls. The audience had been shouting phrases like "Ukaž kozy!" ("Show your tits!" in Czech) or "Dětský porno - legalizace!" ("Child porn - legalization!" in Czech).

Regardless of their future career in music, LuŠtěLa has alredy become an Internet meme. Despite all the bashing of the group (including anti-fanpages and ironic fanpages on facebook), the girls still believe they have many serious fans, and Štěpánka's father, an impresario of the group, an author of Czech lyrics for their songs and a mayor of the girls' hometown Ledeč nad Sázavou, doesn't intend to stop supporting their career.
An 18 year-old drunk attendant of LuŠtěLa's concert in Matrix, while showing metal fist: "Ukaž kozy!"

A user on LuŠtěLa's page: "LOL, pedocore!"
by OlegHepnar February 15, 2010
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