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Lowery is filled with fuck boys and hoes and a whole bunch of hood rats who love talking shit and fighting and also full of teachers that tell you 24/7 to put your id on.
Jack Goff: Dude didn’t you know lowery freshman center is like a strip club with all the people that get dress coded?

Nick gurr: Dude, really? no way!
by Kashoot Myself September 01, 2019
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One big dump of a school that smells like weed and the teachers are best friends with the rats and roaches he's in the ceiling
Bob: hey Billy you go to Lowery Freshman center right?
Billy: ya why

Bob: oh...How are the rats doin?
by 42069Philly cheese steak42069 February 21, 2017
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A dumbass high school that isn’t really a high school. A place filled with ass fucked teachers, and weird kids. As soon as you enter the shitty hospital looking building, you’ll be yelled at by someone who stands at the door, since you don’t have your ID on. Then, when you go down to house 100 to get a new ID (for 5 goddamn dollars, I might add,) you immediately get dress coded as you walk in for the leggings you are wearing. my point is, this school is ass. it’s basically just a great value Allen High School teachers are pretty shit, layout is shit, lunch system is shit. trying to get up and down the stairs without being shoved is shit. everything is kinda just...shit.
Guy: “Hey, you go to the Lowery Freshman Center right?

Girl: ”Yeah, I do.”

Guy: “I’m so sorry.“

Girl: “It’s okay. It’ll only be one year anyways.”
by Wtf boi October 03, 2019
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