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Lower dauphin IS BY FAR THE WORST school district the teachers look like they just fucked in the bathroom and the guys are either on probation or a horndog. The girls are either a total bitch or ugly as hell! and the principles are like all creations from years of years of incest. Many of the students get in more trouble than doing good. The bully problem is off the charts high! One student was doing his vaporizer or "vape pen" and the damn thing exploded in his face and 3 other peoples face. The teachers can read english, cursive, or anything even if the neatest handwriting is written. Because of all the retarded kids here we call this place slower dauphin, where your dreams go to die. If you have a dream the teacher and principles and even guidance counselors shut you down this is by far the worst place and dont even get me started on the superintendent... she thinks she knows how to handle kids but 6 of every 20 kids either are doing coke in the bathrooms or smoking something... the white boys are dumb fucking wiggers and the girls are whores every guy probably have cabbage ass ... so do your self a favor ovoid slower dauphin and once more fuck you lower daupin
by Urban dumbfuck May 21, 2015
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