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With regards to Lowell, Indiana. It is making a derogatory, yet comical, connection between the Southern state Alabama, and its population, with the locals of Lowell. A man named Willy, who happens to have one eye, coined the phrase along with Cedar Tucky (Cedar Lake) and Crownissippi (Crown Point). All three of these towns have a unique population of hillbillies, due to the labor migration from the South up to the North in seek of Mill jobs in Gary and Whiting.

In closing, if you'd like to see a real, authentic NASCAR tire as a tire swing, naked babies running in the rain, or pigs in the front yard... Just venture on up to the most northern Southern places in the United States... The 219
If you are driving down Commercial Avenue and see a little shop called Lions Den... You might be in Lowell-A-Bama
by 6ft Ray April 08, 2008
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