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-the disorder of a victims sphincter not closing in time during a questionable fart, in turn releasing poo into said victims pants. Must happen on more that one occasion during a day to qualify. Victims with illness may be void. (decided by closest peers, on a hilarity sliding scale. ie. amount, frequency, smell, and victim's initial reaction upon release of said shart)

Victim: "Hey smell this fart! (plop) Oh, No!!!!!!! Curse this LOW SHUTTER SPEED! That's twice in one day now, god dammit!"
friend: "Oh, man! Classic, dude! Your running out of pants faster than the nursing home on enchilada night!
Victim: "Shut up!"
Friend: "You might wanna get that LOW SHUTTER SPEED looked at, man."
by big1jc June 06, 2011
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