A sub-human with a lumbering brain to match their lumbering physique. They are highly unaware of the debilitating mind-virus that renders them ignorant on all matters. They are adult children, lacking common sense and

dumber than a box of pet rocks. However, they are always ready with a painfully dense observation. Useless, ineffective and super lazy - yet spend the little energy and motivation they have living on the take, looking for freebies and hand-outs. Brainless, yet brainwashed by MSNBC and FOX NEWS.
Jimmy sleeps until 12, doesn't work, watches MSNBC all afternoon while collecting disability for a fake carpal tunnel injury. Considers himself an intellectual, yet he is a complete idiot. Some how he has money for meth and cigarettes but nothing to spare for his two bastard children. What a low form!
by Legeis Racecar Siegel October 26, 2022
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