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If you know a Louisah, you know the most amazing person in the world. The craziest and most genuine person you'll meet. She's got the cutest smile and the most amazing eyes which draw you in like an evening on a beach in Brunei. Or... Hawaii if you'd prefer. She's someone you'll never forget and spending time with her will turn you from Scrooge to a Leprechaun swimming in four leaf clovers. She's funny, sweet, smart, loving, artsy and most of all: lame. BUT, you'll love her for that. There's nothing you can't like about this girl and getting annoyed at her is like killing a baby and using the excuse he stole your ice cream to make yourself feel good about it. It doesn't happen. She's the best thing that can happen to you and if you don't make the most out of it, you're missing out on an amazing part of your life.
Louisah is the best
by dakingisindahouse!!! July 01, 2019
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