Fraudulent Louis Vuitton merchandise. It's estimated that 99% of LV branded goods aren't genuine. If you see someone with an LV bag, it's overwhelmingly likely to be fake.

Basic bitches buy $40 Louis Fauxton bags made out of plastic. Brandthirsty bitches buy $200 Louis Fauxton bags made from canvas and leather. Status whores buy $500+ all-leather Louis Fauxton bags (usually a Capucines or Epi leather) replicated at a perfect 1:1 ratio .

True "AAA" or 1:1" Louis Fauxton bags are almost as rare as genuine LV and can sometimes mistakenly be authenticated and even repaired or heat stamped by LV.
"I can't afford to buy a new Louis Vuitton Empreinte Speedy, so I bought a Louis Fauxton from the back of a Korean taco food truck on Canal Street. Shit was a legit AAA replica, so I couldn't even get a taco after.
by TruthsHurt December 27, 2014
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