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This person (tends to be a female) is one of the most amazing people you'll ever meet. She has a good balance in life. She is utterly beautiful, both inside and out. She's fit and dedicated, intelligent and involved. She takes good care of others as well as herself. She might takes jokes too far at times, and get stressed out easily, she is somewhat gullible. She is the chick that all guys want to get with, and want a serious relationship with. She's steady in life and won't let others make her do things she's not comfortable doing. She likes to win, and sometimes she does'nt push herself as hard as she could. She is wanted as a friend by all females and wanted as a lover by all males. She's cool but Charlottes are cooler.
Damn, she's mighty fine all around.; she must be a Lou-Salomé.
by okayiseriouslydon'tcare June 17, 2011
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