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well LOST IN ASHES is not the gayes band in the world, but the most kick ass band in the entire universe! there is joey, corey, nathan, justin and matt.. the cooles of thoes member include in this order. joey, corey, justin, nathan and matt. this band will go down in histroy as the most bad ass band PERIOD! there is a band that comes close to their coolness but dosent surpas them. Tenacious D (nostise that LOST IN ASHES is all capital leters and Tenacious D only has two letters."
by Adam shaffer April 07, 2008
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most commonly reffered to as Lost In Asses and Lost In Masterbation.

Lost In Ashes is the gayest band in the world. It consist's of a femal asian pornstar, an Eminem wannabe look-a-like, a retarded mini-fridge, a well....uhh.......hes a Thomas what else do we need to say, and a nudist screamer with a testicle fetish.
Hey look its Lost In Asses, Oh my bad its Lost In Ashes.
by Joey Davenport March 25, 2008
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