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The "Best friend" that is oblivious to his/her 3rd wheel intrusion. Or intentionally causes problems between his/her best friends relationship out of spite or jealousy due to his own inability to excel in life.

A loser, usually has a dead end job or none at all. Uses people for money. Always leaves the tab for someone else to pay without remorse.

They do not own a car. Usually have some sort of addiction to a drug, that they maintain very well through the misfortunes of those around them having to put up with them.
Drama queens-usually very dramatic people. Think that because some unfortunate event has happened to them that they're behavior is acceptable.

Will purposely plant idea's in his/her best friends heads to start fights within their relationship. Ex. "he/she is just using you for your money" or "if he/she loved you they wouldn't do that"

The biggest loser of them all, will never amount to anything and will do everything in they're power to drag people down with them. Because misery loves company.
Jenn: guess chase brought my loser in-law, to lunch
Chase: Hey babe
Loser in-law: youre covering lunch right? U know I'm broke. Wanna grab some beers after this, your treat? Lol no but really?
by T-happy November 14, 2011
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