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A locality in Argentina similar to a city or town, part of a larger collection of towns called Malvinas. In the province of Buenos Aires and part of what is known as GBA or Greater Buenos Aires

In short, a small town where the greatest attraction is an amazing pizza restaurant Pizza Suiza (Pizza Swiss) where for 8 dollars you can take your best girl there for unlimited pizza and a large bottle of beer. Try Quilmes - the nations anology of Budweiser

You will find at least a half dozen locutorios or public phone houses, most of which have banks of computers connected to the internet where you pay by the minute. Very cheap. You can organize LAN game tourneys here.

With a plethora of low priced shoe and clothing stores on the main avenue, a wary shopper can find the same fashion trends that are hitting shops in europe.
Where do you live?

"Los Polvorines"

Oh! I´m so sorry!
by Bramagupta December 01, 2006
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