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Lori Braun is the founder and owner of and is the largest female bodybuilding site on the Internet measured by content, viewers, and page views. Lori started in December 1995, long before anybody in the bodybuilding world had any idea of the power and reach of the Internet. She invested a small sum of money saved from her days as a popular New York City fitness trainer and invested in the equipment and small staff needed to launch Today, is home to more than 75,000 pages of content, over 150,000 photographs, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and its unique Talk Live Program.

Lori grew up on the streets of Brooklyn and is a graduate of the University of Florida. A natural bodybuilder who preaches the benefits of consistent balanced training, meticulous nutrition, and a drug free lifestyle. She is also a martial artist and directs the overall editorial and creative balance that has made an Internet success. She has appeared on numerous national entertainment and news shows, has been covered extensively by the print media, and has been the subject of many photographic collections by the top bodybuilding photographers in the industry.
by Lori Braun January 16, 2007
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