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A smart, unique creative, friend, sister and role-model. People don't understand her ways, but that is only because you don't know her. She is smart, random, awkward and loves to make lists of the things she hopes one day to accomplish.
She attempts all she does with her chin up high, in hopes for the best. And she continuously learns to be a better person with life experiences. She is unique, just like her name and can never be replaced. We need more Loreica's in our world. Not to mention she has a passion for writing and reading. She hopes one day to write a book, and get it published. Her brain is what really matters to her; brains over bronze, and she loves her family&friends. That head of hers, is filled with knowledge and endless stories of the untold, and unsolved that one day will soon become solved and told throughout her life. You haven't lived until you have met her. She truly inspires me, and her peers to do their best and be happy for who you are.
A "Loreica" is someone who cannot be defined, because they are just Loreica. If you're lucky someday you'll meet one and if you know one, lucky you.
by The girl who knows a Loreica January 17, 2012
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