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Someone preferably a male. Thinks they are this 'amazing' human being. That takes pleasure in being raciest or rude to people for no particular reason. They think they are so so perfect and that everyone looks up to them when in reality people sneer at how stupid, lame and how much of losers they are. They like to think they can get anyone they like but really those people like to keep Lorde Del Douche in private for obvious reasons but male does not see that. Also, Del Douche's like to screw old wrinkly men but also very cheaply so also they are desperate and pathetic. Sorry. Not Sorry. You're Welcome. :)
Lorde Del Douche: OMG don't look at my hair I just fixed it 100 times and its still not perfect (girl voice)
Lorde Del Douche: y is no1 talkin to me lol im amazin fuk u. LOOK at my skin SEE how amazing and how much better I am than u

Girl: Jeez get over yourself your ugly as fuck. You might as well be a girl, Freak.
by omgimsoperf October 08, 2013
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