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Lord of the Craft is a minecraft roleplaying server populated by a couple hundred socially depraved teens on the internet. The server is owned by Tythus, who spends thousands of dollars on steam and likes to pop on the server to do nothing. The server hosts several inside-joke memes, such as "Edgy" "Toxicity" and also possesses it's own brand of "memes" made by the playerbase. Ave Oren heretics.
Person 1: Yo, have you played Lord of the craft?
Person 2: Nah, I don't enjoy minecraft roleplay servers where tons of teens play.

Guy 1: How's your character on Lord of the Craft going?
Guy 2: Good, good. He's developing at a decent pace.
by LotC is Cancer April 07, 2015
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Lord of the Craft is where catfishes and autistic children go to play without parents permission and is home to famous "eRP". The server is filled with 12 year olds who can't even type a proper sentence without "edgy" "lmao" "kappa" or "lol".

This is also a place where certain people pretend to be a horse, and end up fucking another horse infront of 20 people, then gets banned for it, but because one of the GMs (Cappy) got a good wank to it, the horse raper was unbanned.
"Hey im a hot 16 year old girl lol lets erp lol whats ur skype lol"
"ok lol, i'm only 13 kappa is that ok lol"
"lol ok lol ur edgy kappa"

Lord of the Craft is also know as LOTC.
by FuckyFuckFucker September 19, 2016
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