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Lord British is a pseudonym Richard Garriott has used since his early years of playing dungeons & dragons. British is the character known as the king of Britannia in the Ultima series of RPG games he created in the early 80's.

Richard Garriott along with his father and a friend founded ORIGIN Systems Inc. in 1983. ORIGIN grew into the most successful independent computer game company in the United States. The Garriotts sold ORIGIN to Electronic Arts in 1992. It was a logical move at the time, but little did they know the biggest source of success would begin in 1997 with Ultima Online. Garriott continued to work for ORIGIN, he was the creative director over the games he produced. As the success grew, the insidious EA collective of corporate directors increased their control over the direction of ORIGIN's games. Garriott's great experience was ignored and he left OSI-EA in 1999.

In April of 2000 Garriott founded Destination Games which was soon partnered with NCsoft. Destination Games has recently worked on the Lineage series, and Tabula Rasa.

Richard Garriott was featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. He has been known to travel to exotic places such as the North Pole and under the ocean to see the Titanic. His house was built like his video games, with hidden passage ways, and a dungeon in the basement. Garriott is an avid Halloween go-er and has been known to host a semi-annual haunted house in his home which is called Britannia Manor.
Lord British (aka Richard Garriott) is the king of Britannia.
by J. Razimus Hughston January 21, 2006
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