When you have those really loose pair or pairs of boxers that are a size or couple sizes bigger than you usually wear. Usually happens when you get boxers a couple sizes bigger in order for them to last. It also gives your balls like 10x the room regular fitting boxers give you. Good for sleeping, or just relaxing around the house. When I wear mine I feel like im not even wearing anything!

BE AWARE.......... these are NOT good for getting pantsed in, you run the risk of getting them pulled down. (Because they are loose. And because they are big, there is more fabric so it is easier to grasp the boxers!)
Tom wanted to buy long-lasting boxers and they were loose boxers. He wore them to school and got pantsed, and his balls and dick were shown to everyone. So now he only wears them at home.
by A Friend of yours April 24, 2012