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Much like a golddigger this is a person who carelessly pursues romantic partners that only fit a specific level of attractiveness, rather than a specific level of wealth, in their ongoing quest to claim status with their peers. AKA Facedigger, a woman that dates photogenic males only to show off on Facebook.

Modern-day females have taken on this tendency due to new economic freedoms and artificially widened pools of beta male supporters aka "beta orbiters." Theory goes that easy access to jobs and a favorable judicial system have given the average female the ability to choose mates based on raw genetic potential rather than through the market pressure of the economy. Often an extreme form of female narcissism. For instance a "badboy" in a Looksdigger's mind is simply a male model they cannot possess.

Looksdigging is cited by talkbackers as one of the more insidious results of new wave Feminism. Looksdiggers often submit themselves en mass to a few choice men while being unswayed by monetary offers from the remaining men. aka Pareto "20% of the guys @#$! 80% of the females"

Also blamed for increasing the pool of undesirable men known as Omegas and their involuntary celibacy - see "incel," Tangentially blamed for sudden upticks in violence. Theory goes women find hopping from choice mate to choice mate easier than men aka "cock carousel" thus encouraging violent tendencies in the unwanted men. see "serial monogamy, Hypergamy, aka hell on earth"
"Why are all the men online creepers and losers! I just want a nice guy who will treat me right!" - some average chick age 19-37 after a night of clicking through facebook likes and online dating emails Looksdigging for a hot guy.

Looksdigger Translation - "I've been ignoring the hundreds of messages from men on my online dating profile and the thousands of guys when I'm out at bars/clubs/bookstores while I seek out a gorgeous 6'5 surfer businessman rap star who I will sleep with - without rubbers - behind the back of my current boyfriend, who is a 6'5 surfer businessman rap star that hogs the TV remote."
by ThaPickupArtist January 16, 2013
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