Term for when you catch a girl looking at you and they quickly look away, as if they were trying to make it seem they weren't looking at you. You then look away and after a varying period of time look again to see if the girl is looking at you again. If she does, and the process keeps repeating itself, it can be a good indicator that the woman in question is attracted to you. This game of fleeting eye contact and pretenses of disinterest can be very sensual and exciting, or merely a result of boredom. (usually set in a college classroom environment)
Marty: "Hey Joe, this hot girl was playing the looking game with me in my seminar class hard. Every time I looked her way she was staring at me, though she tried to make it seem otherwise by looking away when I caught her in the act. She's totally into me!"
Joe: "She was probably just bored bro, but hey who knows?"
by EzekielSinclair February 24, 2013
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