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If someone if lookin' grown then they are generally perceived to have grown larger and become more muscular.

Therefore it pertains that a seven stone weakling who hits the gym and pumps iron until he resembles an Adonis is referred to as 'lookin' grown'.

The phraseology can be used as a term of equal endearment and ridicule: just as a weakling-come-behemoth can be lookin' grown, equally a skinny chap can also be lookin' grown when he is in actual fact not physically lookin' grown at all and is being mocked therefore.

The phrase can take on the sentiments of a casual, informal greeting ("Safe child, lookin' grown"), shock ("Woah, lookin' grown!"), lust ("loooookin' grown") and more depending upon context.
by Grollog October 05, 2010
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