W. T.: Momma did you know that Butterfly's have Long tongues?
Mom: Why is that son?
W.T: So they can get the sweet stuff out of the flowers.
Mom: Wow, that's pretty good for a 5 year old. Your such a good kid.
W.T: I know mommy you said to be a good boy, so I am and my teacher taught me that.
Mom: So why do the butterfly's like the whats in flowers so much.
W.T.: because momma, it's from flowers and they can't eat regular food like us. Were bigger.
Mom: How does a butterfly become a butterfly?
W.T: They eat the flower then hide in a shell and grow wings to fly.
Mom: Why do they do that?
W.T.: Photnethsasys
Mom: You means photosynthisis
W.T: No, I'm right photnethsays I'm a smart boy and I know mommy. They have to hug there shell and get lots or rest to change from being just a capatiller.
Mom: O-Kay son, don't you mean catapiller?
W.T.: nope, I said capatiller. They love sweet things mommy. I like flowers, can I eat some too? Will I grow wings?
Mom: Son, you already have some. You just don't see them yet.
W.T.: Will I fly too? I want Long Tongue too
Mom: you can do what ever you love to do if you work hard enough.
W.T: I want to make people not be mean any more and push me. They call me names. I don't like it mommy.
Mom: Know one does son.
W.T.: tell them to stop being bad mommy.
Mom: I'm trying son, really trying.

The point is even though some people have different ideas and a different language, or way to say things, we all understand how life is created and all live together and if people cannot get past their own ideas to believe in others ideas to be a type of "know it all" the better ideas may just not get threw to the world.
by RilerTy's4.L.Slap May 16, 2010
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General term for someone you hate with a passion. Overlap: bastard, skank, dickhead, faggot, etc.
Eat shit, you fuckin' long-tongued lout!
by Forrest Carver May 29, 2005
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