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Originating in the greater long beach area, the Long beach sneak is the art of being an undercover assassin that employs sophisticated tactics of suppressed social ambition toward engagement of allure in the opposite sex. The LBC Sneak is employed under extreme stealth and occurs predominantly in social situations where your friends have hammer headed a group of girls. After they have blown large sums of money on drinks and tirelessly pretended to be interested in them for hours at the bar, the assailant will then slide in (usually near closing time) and take one or all of them home. The act of performing a LBC Sneak has many variations but most commonly involves not talking to any girls all night long then going up to the hottest girl in the bar at closing time and swindling her into a long night of bearbacking! Anyone willing to attempt an LBC sneak must fortify a mentality that resembles that of a honey badger because they don’t give a shit! Someone entertaining the idea of pulling an LBC sneak must be willing to perform questionable acts of perversion and must be masters of the sail and bail!
Fuck'n Austin pulled a long beach sneak last night! I had like 4 hours of bar equity into this chick and then the next thing I know he slides in takes her home! That bearbacking son of a bitch!
by johnny mcnaughten November 13, 2011
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