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Long Island Speedway was built by one of the Vanderbilt heirs on which to race his cars. He used to race them on the old roads on Long Island but a couple of bystanders were killed so he built his own track. Ironically, after he started using his track, more bystanders than before were killed.

I think Long Island is fantastic. There's so much great stuff there, such as all the mansions on the Gold Coast, that is, the North Shore of Long Island just past Queens. That's what got me excited about the place. But there's so much more. For instance, Gardiner's Island, out at the tip of Long Island is still owned by the same family that was given it by the King of England in colonial times.
One of the Vanderbilts built his own race track, the Long Island Speedway, on Long Island. Part of it is still being used as a public road today.
by linktalz May 16, 2010
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