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An artist that as a child was shy or drawn-in. Person who doesnt have many friends and draws emotional drawings or paints, main friends(that arent that close) are goths, dark artists, cutters and alchoholics/drug addictics(or person who try either toxic). As an adult they tend to be quiet, yet are quite smart(Because they actually pay attention in school) Their works are bought only by teenagers or only their 'happy' works are bought by adults. Some of the Loner artitst even throw themselves into expressing their emotional works with fantanzy art, therefore, making it more popular with both adult and teens.
See that girl over there leaning against the tree with those goths, yeah, the one with the white shirt on. She's a loner artist, you should see what this bitch can draw, its amezing.
by Guepardo Aleman August 18, 2005
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