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A person(most commonly female)who engages in meaningless conversations with the nearest person to her, she will not really notice if you dont answer and will threaten to beat you if you call her mother and old man. But the problem is fixed if you tell her she is pretty and has nice breasts. A lonely lobster will follow you around and stare at you untill u make it certain to her that her presence is not enjoyable. She will give u bitch face and then walk away. This will take several tries for the Lonely Lobster to end this following trend.
Person1: "I love you"
Person2: "I love you too"
Lonely Lobster: "Aww how cute, do u wanna go get some breakfast with me??"
Person1: "Do i know you?"
LL: "Oh hi im Emilee!!!"
Person1: "ok"
Person2: "yeah can u go away now"
LL: *bitchface* "Fine i guess i wont be friends with you"
by [PissMagic420] July 10, 2008
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