Someone who makes moves and decisions on their own and doesn't require the company of others to get things done. This doesn't necessarily imply the person is a loner or antisocial, it simply means (s)he's independent. Though normally demonstrating 'above average' intelligence, the intelligence from lone gunner to lone gunner CAN span the full spectrum. You don't have to be a genius to be a lone gunner. Lone gunners just simply do not require the moral support from peers to achieve, not do they like to wait on anyone unless it is mandatory.
In a Convo:

Chester: Where's Ryan always disappearing to?

Cranston: I dunno....hes a lone gunner.

Are you a Lone Gunner? If you can relate to any of the following then the answer is yes:

- Someone who hates waiting but isn't impatient. If he can do it himself he will.

- Someone who is not afraid to take on a big task even if it risks failure. To them, the knowledge and experience is priceless.

- Someone who takes pride in doing things themselves.

- Someone who is very versatile in the social department. They can be great in social circles however do not require them.
by The Lone Gunner February 10, 2009
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