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'Lomsdal' is norwegian slang for being a 'butt-pilot'.

In general sense, this implies a person that looks for analsex when he/she is out drinking/partying. When a 'lomsdal' has had a lot to drink he will switch to 'auto-butt-pilot' and aim in for the kill on the nearest butt.

'lomsdal' can be assosiated with the norwegian words: 'skinkerytter', 'lindsay', 'to i stinkern, en i pinkern', 'småplaya' and 'skitten snurrebass'.

A 'lomsdal' typically involves 'håndjern&avstraffelse på et toalett i finland' as yearly activities.
That guy is such a Lomsdal, all he thinks about is ass and 'rompehull'

Man my auto-lomsal was on last night!
by Ludde-abe January 21, 2010
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