Strategy. When offered two or more reasonable and practical approaches to a challenge, “Lombard’s Way” would be to strategically choose a third, unreasonable or impractical response. (Orig. from J. M. Lombard’s seminal work: Spear warfare in the age of tanks”)
Wing Man: “Dude, she is totally checking you out.”
Alpha Male: “What are my options?”
Wing Man: “I see two good approaches; 1) smile at her and introduce your self, or 2) ask her if you can buy her and her friends a drink. Both are strong.”
Alpha Male: “Excellent, and agreed. But I think I will kiss you instead for about 15 seconds.”
Wing Man: “Sweet strategy. Textbook use of Lombard’s Way.”
by Heisenbeast - Lord of Hounds February 13, 2019
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