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Loleini is more than a long name that confuses people. She is a girl who falls in love just as quick as she falls apart, while simultaneously keeping her walls up and her distance from people. Loleini is a walking contradiction, but that's who she is and she is the best her that she can be.
It doesn't matter if her personality clashes with itself or if people think she's too weird, it's currently 2018 so a bitch is about to live her life! Thick thighs save lives, her body is curvalicious and her mind wondrous!
If you fall in love with a Loleini, make sure she feels that love. She needs the validation, no matter how lame you might think it is.
If you love her, show her.
Who is the girl with the thick thighs and brown eyes?
That, my Dude, is a Loleini.
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by Bitter_Bitch July 12, 2018
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