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To completely overwhelm an irrational thinker with logic, such that they have no choice but to accept the logical truth. A logical bitchslap usually involves one person berating the other over a poor decision and/or thought process.
Person 1: I'm thinking about buying boob implants for my girlfriend...

Person 2: That is incredibly rude and you shouldn't do it. She will perceive it as an insult to her breast size, and not as any form of complement. This can only lead to a strain, if not break, in your relationship. Which will only cause emotional anxiety in either parties. Imagine how you would feel if she purchased a penis enlargement for you. You would most likely take it as an insult to your stature and by extension your ability to perform during coitus...

Person 1: Ok, ok, I get it. Stop with the logical bitchslap already.
by JSchZBetoipi March 28, 2010
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