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Holiday that celebrates science, nature, and logic instead of religion. Created on the Birthday of Neil deGrasse Tyson (October 5th). To celebrate this holiday you eat a lot of bacon and enjoy science and nature. You also give gifts to friends and family that promote science, nature and logic.
"What did Mike get you for Logic Day (October 5th) Susan?" "He bought me a life-size model of the Solar System!"

"This Logic Day (October 5th) we celebrated science and nature by building a greenhouse out of old windows and planting vegetables inside"

"For Logic Day (October 5th) this year we are having a big block party"
"What should I bring?"
"Make that awesome potato salad you make with the bacon on top"

"Next year for Logic Day (October 5th) I want to go to The Natural History Museum with my family"
by Mee-Maw September 22, 2014
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