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A derogitory way of saying that someone is doing something that sounds dirty but actually means not doing anything
Nathan- "Hey, have you seen Dom lately? He hasn't come over in like three weeks."
Wade- "I saw his car at home yesterday."
Nathan- "Hmmm.... I guess he's too busy to hang with us."
Wade- "Nah man, he's probably just been log twobbling."\
Nathan- "Gross...."
Wade- "How is doing nothing gross?"
by renegadeangel92 April 06, 2010
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verb; dwindling of the penis between fingers after vigorously rubbing it in with maple syrup while simultaneously rubbing gold bond around your belly button.
Guy: Dude, have u gone all the way with your girlfriend?

Dude: no, but we were log twobbling last night.

Guy: whats that?

Dude: ask ur mom. or look it up on urban dictionary or somethin.
by Conawald X. Newfonshlogan April 01, 2010
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