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Somewhat dismissive term for an American male who is an anachronistic throwback to the 1950s; not a teen rock-n-roll enthusiast of the era, but the parent of a Boomer.

Typically conservative WWII vet, tangentially racist ("those goddam xxxx are taking over this country, I swear"), heavy drinker, generally a member of a bowling league and of the Elks, VFW, KofC or Moose from the 1950s through the '70s. Probably still keeps bowling trophies from that era on a china closet in the dining room.

Sadly, a dying breed in American culture.
Original reference credited to Ren & Stimpy animator John Kricsfalusi, referring to his character "George Liquor" as "a real Lodge Brother from the 50s." In more familiar terms, think Flintstones or Ralph Kramden.
by Professor Al August 14, 2009
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