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Lochez is one of the most drop dead sexy beasts of the 21st century. He is one of the biggest hits with the ladies, and can always get any girl he wants, without even trying. he also has the biggest, thickest and healthiest penis in the world, just like his original name, Lochlan. Lochez always has a group of girls hanging off him, and also has his bros behind him. Lochez is extremely attractive and intelligent, and has also mastered "Perfection".
Girl 1: lochez is amazing, he has the biggest penis in the world. he is always so amazing to everyone and is just a perfect guy

Girl 2: i know, i was with him last night, hes so amazingly perfect.

Bros: Lochez is an amazing guy, always loyal and awesome to us, and he always helps us pull in all the ladies.
by Lochez April 12, 2011
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