One who is admired by peers, neighbors, schoolmates, and friends for being super cool. Sometimes there is a reason for the admiration such as being the lead scorer on the high school football team or having spent time in juvenile hall; but oftentimes there is no specific cause for the admiration other than having a charismatic personality and a kick-ass car.
Morse High School's local hero is back at school after being locked up for six weeks for jumping the asshole who threatened to shoot his brother and parents.
by I'm Not LIke You Guys December 2, 2019
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Someone who will never be famous but who does heroic deeds in the course of day to day events.
She was a local hero because of the way she organised the community progress association.
by quambi May 10, 2016
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someone that feels the need to spin his tyres around everycorner or accelerate when the light goes green everytime.
John:hey it wet spin your tyres
(tyres spin)
Kid on side of road: (YELLS) LOCAL HERO
by Josh.P February 27, 2008
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