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1: To spend such prolonged time in the sun, or influenced by extreme emotion such as embarrassment or anger that your face turns a bright hue of red.

2: A fledgling indie Super Hero character (patent and trademark pending) who has the facial attributes that of a lobster.
- 2A: Notable markings and characteristics; bright red face, tendency to lie, a bike rack on a Saturn only used to transport pork products.

3: a person who works a low tier job maintaining hardware who becomes easily agitated when questioned, therefore ball and clenching their fists forcing blood to the surface of the skin causing a red glow.

Note: Often confused with other red faced creatures/animals such as Baboons. While they bare similar qualities (red face and easily irritable). they are entirely two different dullards.
1. "I asked Erik if he was available on Monday and he said he had to be done by 11pm. When I asked why, and inferred he has a crap job... he got all lobster faced on me."

2. "Hey Erik, I don't think you should apply more Banana Boat tan lotion, you're already a Lobster Face as is."

3. "That Lobster Faced buffoon is a total Rudy."*

4. "Is Lobster Face available?"*

*These assume a person known to two or more people has already been designated and commonly referred to as Lobster Face.
by R. Stark July 20, 2010
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1. Look at the lobsterface, looks like they fell asleep in the sun again.

2. I was going to fuck you but you're pussy looked all lobsterface, like it was out in the sun all day, hince you were out cheating on be and someone already tore that shit up (slap).
by The Symbol November 21, 2006
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