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Where there is a cool or potentially cool location to be used in a film production that's the .:Loak:..

When there is something that is particularly cool: That stuff is called .:Steez:. The make up of someones unique style.

When the Steez is "Loakedout" however...when it becomes LoakedOutSteez: It takes on an entirely new form. This anomoly in select literary circles is known as a Breached Whale. The word actual jumps off the page. And is now usable as a noun, and adjective, as well an expletive, and a verb....for example is someone is loaking his own steez.or has in the past 'steezed his own loak'
Expletive: A very crucial and interesting bit of information was said in a brief story among a small group of people. And at the end of the story one can now simple say "LoakedOutSteez" to explain his feelings on the information.

Noun: Someone is definable by saying you know "loakedoutsteez" and everyone would know who was the guy with the looked out steez.

I'll finish the rest later i gotta get back to this steez I was working on at my current loak.
by Loakedoutsteez October 19, 2011
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